210 : "The Declaration", c. 1885

"The Declaration"


Florence, Italy, c. 1885
Retailed by Pierre Bazzanti et Fils, Firenze

A beautiful, colourful small pietra dura plaque depicting a young man declaring his love to his sweetheart. 

Whilst the quality is of normal standard, it has a rather charming, whimsical feel to it. The frame, whilst old, may not be original to this piece, but it nevertheless sets it off perfectly. 

A similar piece, also purchased from Pietro Bazzanti & Son in Florence in 1878, is held in the public collection of the National Museum of Scotland - view the details here

Plaque Size:
Weight: 5 3/4" / 14.5cm
Height: 7 3/4" / 19.5cm
Frame Size:
Weight: 12"/ 30.5cm
Height: 14 1/4" / 36cm