843 : Symphonion Eroica, c. 1898

Symphonion Eroica


A very rare Symphonion “Eroica” in a walnut case, made in Germany c. 1898. This superb machine plays three discs at the same time in harmony with each other. This creates a beautiful harmonic sound. When a penny is inserted into the slot this music plays twice. The original painted glass panel in the door shows a semi-clad lady and cherub, and the lower section of the case stores the sets of discs. The discs are 13 ¾” / 35cm diameter. The movements are fully restored and in perfect working order, and the sound is magnificent. All told, this is a very rare, and very special, music box.

Width: 27" / 69cm
Height: 81" / 205cm
Depth: 18" / 46cm
Symphonion Eroica , Symphonion Eroica , Symphonion Eroica