8006 : Symphonion, c. 1898

Antique Dancing Pigs Musical Automaton by Smyphonion, Germany, c. 1895


A very scarce, amusing and unusual music box by Symphonion featuring a group of dancing pigs.

When the music is turned on, the three baby pigs dance a jig while the mother pig and another baby beat on the drum. The pigs are in great condition and move well. The case is in original condition with a later paper addition around the staging surrounding the pigs.

The movement plays 5 3/4” / 14.5cm discs and is in good working order.

It comes with seven discs, and is a highly collectable little music box. It is one of a series of five different models:

1 - Dancing Pigs
2 - Sleeping Monkeys
3 - Dancing Cats
4 - Monkey Cyclist
5 - Swinging Cats

It would be a wonderful challenge to collect all five - although it may take some time to achieve... 

Width: 7 ½” / 19cm
Height: 12” / 31cm
Depth: 7” / 17cm
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