899 : Symphonion, c. 1895

Symphonion Antique Musical Hall Clock, c. 1895


A wonderful Symphonion Hall Clock style 25ST in a beautifully carved walnut case, dating from c. 1895. The machine plays 11 3/4" / 30cm discs nd has a LENZKIRCH clock which runs for 14 days. The clock strikes half hourly and hourly, and sets off the music every hour except at 1 o'clock. The music can be played at any time, and of course the clock can be silenced. 

All this is in perfect working order as it has been recently serviced, and comes with a selection of 14 discs. 

Width: 23” / 58cm
Height: 77” / 196cm
Depth: 14” / 35cm
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