8007 : Symphonion, c. 1898

Antique Symphonion Eroica, c. 1898


A magnificent quality Symphonion Eroica made by Symhonion in Leipzig in c. 1898. 

The Eroica are truly a feat of musical engineering: an antique disc music box that plays three discs simultaneously to create a wonderfull complex and rich sound. They are also rare, and very hard to find in such excellent original condition. 

This example has come from a private collection in England where is had been cherished for generations. Its condition is excellent: the musical movement and combs are all in superb condition, and the case, which features a central plaque of a musical nymph and a musician on glass, is all original. 

This music box is operated with an old English penny-in-the-slot on its upper right hand side, and plays two revolutions for each penny. It comes with a selection of 13 sets of discs, some new, some old, which fit in the base of the case.

A rare and wonderful machine, with an exquisite sound.

Width: 26 ¾” / 68cm
Height: 80 ½” / 205cm
Depth: 17 ½” / 45cm
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