8003 : Symphonion, c. 1900

Antique Dancing Cats Musical Automaton by Symphonion, Germany, c. 1900


A very scarce, amusing and unusual music box by Symphonion featuring a group of dancing cats. 

When the music is turned on, the cats move up and down on the see-saw. On the right hand side, one cat hides cheekily behind her fan while another struggles to hold on. On the left, one cat flicks her tail back and forth, avoiding being struck by the cat sitting on the floor. In the middle, the mother tilts her head cheerily to the music. The cats are in magnificent original condition and move very well. 

The case is also in original condition with some very minor losses to the paper surrounding the stage, but all commensurate with its age. 

The movement plays six 5 ½” / 14.5cm discs and is in good working order. It comes with six discs, and is a highly collectable little music box – particularly thanks to its excellent original condition.

Width: 7 ½” / 19cm
Height: 12” / 31cm
Depth: 7” / 17 cm
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