1231 : Paillard, c. 1880

Antique Interchangeable Music Box by Paillard, c. 1880


A fine quality interchangeable antique music box made by Paillard of St Croix, Switzerland, in c. 1880.

The fully serviced musical movement has a harp piccolo arrangement which gives this music box a beautifully mellow sound, and it comes with 6 cylinders, each playing 6 mainly operatic tunes, which are stored in the drawers of the matching table. The movement also has a double spring for longer running time and a zither bar.

The case is lush burr walnut with tulipwood inlay and gild bronze carrying handles.

Width: 45” / 114 cm
Height: 37” / 94 cm
Depth: 25” / 63 cm
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