197 : Paillard, c. 1895

Antique Orchestral Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box by Paillard, St. Croix, c. 1895


A magnificent full orchestral music box on its own table, complete with 7 interchangeable cylinders. The movement boasts large double springs, speed control, parachute safety check, tune indicator, and tune selector, along with 6 engraved bells, a drum, a castanet, and a 24-note reed organ. The bells, drum and castanet can be turned off and on at will. Each cylinder plays 8 tunes and the machine comes complete with the original tune cards. The case is in walnut with moulding and beautiful incised gilt decoration. Made by Paillard of St. Croix, Switzerland, c. 1895, it is all original and in perfect, fully restored condition. 

This is an impressive and very rare piece,with the full orchestral complement that befits an important music box, and an excellent sound to match.

Width: 50 ½” / 128cm
Height: 44” / 112cm
Depth: 28” / 71cm
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