1299 : Nicole Freres, c. 1870

Antique 9 Bell Interchangeable Music Box on Table by Nicole Freres, c. 1870

For Sale

A superb interchangeable cylinder music box on its original matching table, made by the prestigious firm of Nicole Freres in Geneva, Switzerland in C.1870.

The fully serviced movement boasts 9 silvered bells mounted by flying swallows and cockatoo finials, each with inlaid garnet eyes which is a very rare and delicate detail denoting the quality of the machine. The bells can be engaged and disengaged at will using the unusual knob at the front of the movement, which is pushed up and down accordingly.

The music box bears the Nicole serial number 44258 stamped on the bedplate to the top left, and is also numbered on the original tunesheet. It plays with a wonderful sound.

There are 6 cylinders, each playing 6 well known and mainly operatic tunes as detailed on the original tunesheet. These are all housed in a drawer in the table and all except one are numbered corresponding to the cylinder numbers on the tunesheet.

The case is of the highest quality, veneered in rosewood with kingwood crossbanding and tulipwood stringing, and features superbly detailed musical inlays to both the lid and the front of the case. It also has beautiful gilt carrying handles to the sides.

The table is equally beautiful, with a skirted design around its base and ebonized barley twist legs, a very elegant and unusual detail. It has two drawers: one for the cylinders, the others acting as a writing desk with a retractable leather-lined writing slope. It also retains its original keys.

A wonderful and beautiful music box in superb condition and with an excellent sound.



Width: 43” / 110 cm
Height: 43.5" / 111 cm
Depth: 27" / 70cm
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