1201 : Junod, c. 1890

Antique Coin-Operated Station Box by Junod, c. 1890


A lovely qualitycompact antique station music box made by Arthur Junod of St Croix, Switzerland in c. 1890. 

This station box, also called a ‘theatre box’, features two dancing dolls before a musical movement that plays 8 mainly operatic airs. It is operated when a single old English penny (provided) is inserted into the slot. 

The movement then plays two tunes while the dolls dance in front of it. The original tunesheet sits behind the movement, and is accompanied by a tune indicator. The case is walnut with ornamental turned and carved wood details. 

The sound is jolly and together with the dolls make a beautiful spectacle. This is all the more special given the size: normally these station boxes are considerably larger, so the tidy size makes this piece particularly attractive. 

Width: 21” / 53cm
Height: 18” / 45cm
Depth: 12” / 30cm
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