1262 : Ducommun Girod (?), c. 1870

Antique 8 Air Music Box by Ducommun Girod (?), c. 1870

For Sale

A great quality antique cylinder music box probably made by Ducommun Girod in Geneva, Switzerland in c.1870.

It plays a selection of 8 well known tunes of the day, including the unusual addition of the Chilean National Anthem (the second tune in the video, mistakenly listed on the tune sheet as the Brazilian National Anthem), as well as ‘The Blue Danube’ by Strauss (the first tune in the video), Verdi’s ‘Il Trovatore’ and Flotou’s ‘Martha’, as detailed on the original tunesheet. 

The musical movement has recently been fully serviced and is in excellent condition.

The case is most unusual, and features an inlay of a pair of zebras to the lid. Combined with the inclusion of the Brazilian National Anthem, it most probably added an air of exoticism to the box when first manufactured – perhaps in the 1870s zebras were believed to roam the Amazon rainforests...

These eccentricities make this a most unusual and charming antique music box, with a beautiful sound and musical arrangements.

Width: 22” / 56cm
Height: 6” / 15cm
Depth: 8 ½” / 22cm
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