1124 : Dawkins, c. 1880

Exceptional Drum, Bell and Castanet Antique Music Box by Dawkins of Geneva, c. 1880


This is a first-class, large size antique music box with drum, six bells and castanet made by Dawkins of Geneva in c. 1880.

The movement features a 51cm / 20” cylinder and a five section comb, playing a skin drum with 8 beaters, six engraved bells, and a castanet. Each of these can be engaged and disengaged at will. The mechanism has been fully overhauled and is in excellent condition, with a superb sound and a very nice arrangement for all the tunes. It bears the Dawkins stamp on the governor, and the serial number 29262 is on the winding handle. 

The original tunesheet details the 12 popular airs that the music box plays, including La Marsellaise, HMS Pinafore, Auld Lang Syne, Jome Sweet Home, Rule Britannia and The Blue Danube. It also details the serial number. 

The veneered rosewood case is particularly nice, with a brass and mother-of-pearl inlaid lozenge to both the top and front, along with tulipwood stringing and kingwood crossbanding to the top, front and sides. It reflects the very fine quality of this music box. 

Width: 33 ¾” / 86cm
Height: 12” / 30cm
Depth: 14 ½” / 37cm
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