1053 : Bremond, c. 1865

Antique 9-Air Mandolin Cylinder Music Box by BA Bremond, c. 1865


This is an extremely high quality grand format mandolin music box by BA Bremond of Geneva, made c. 1865. 

The program plays nine operatic airs in a rare format which I have never seen in my 47 years of dealing in music boxes. The nine tunes are played on six revolutions of the cylinder; six of these tunes are played on a two-per-turn arrangement, while the other three tunes each comprise one full revolution of the cylinder. One of these is an overture from Don Giovanni (featured in the video). As you can hear, the sound is really quite exquisite, comparable to a grand format overture box by Nicole Freres. The case is beautiful, veneered rosewood with fine inlays to the lid and front. 

This box was almost certainly made as a special commission for a wealthy family in London, and was retailed by Aubert & Linton on Regent St as can be seen from the stamp on the governor. These were first-class watch & clock makers, and retailers by special appointment to the Prince of Wales who exhibited at the Great Exhibition in 1851. 

Cylinder size: 17” / 43cm long x 3” / 8cm diameter 

Width: 28" / 71cm
Height: 8" / 21cm
Depth: 12” / 31cm
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