1189 : Baker Troll, c. 1885

Antique Full Orchestral Antique Music Box by Baker-Troll, c. 1885


An excellent quality full orchestral antique music box of particularly nice proportions, made by Baker-Troll of Geneva, Switzerland in c. 1885. 

The fully serviced musical movement features a drum, 6 bells, castanet and a 17-note reed organ, as well as a double spring for longer running time, tune indicator, tune selector, speed control, parachute safety check and three levers to engage or disengage elements of the orchestral section. 

The original tunesheet is mounted to the underside of the lid, and details the 8 operatic airs this box plays, including ‘Carmen’, ‘La Traviata’ and ‘William Tell’. 

This all sits within a beautifully proportioned case with ornate inlays to bot the lid and front. It has a very good sound and is in excellent condition. 

Width: 24 ½” / 62cm
Height: 13” / 34cm
Depth: 15” / 38cm
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