1125 : BA Abrahams, c. 1895

“The Victoria” Antique Musical Theatre Box with Dancing Dolls by BA Abrahams of St. Croix. c. 1895


This is a most unusual and rare small-size theatre box made by the firm of BA Abrahams in St Croix, Switzerland in c. 1895. 

The buffet-style case contains a movement with three bells struck by colourful butterfly strikers, and two dancing dolls to the front. When an old English penny is interted into the slot, the red curtain inside is raised and the dolls dance while the music plays. As soon as the tune finishes, the curtain drops again, making it a truly theatrical music box. 

The musical movement has been fully serviced and has a great sound, and both dolls are in nice condition. The original tunesheet is very colourful and sits behind the movement, and details the 8 popular tunes the music box plays. There is also a tune indicator, and a Change/Repeat lever. 

The tunesheet and the butterfly strikers can be viewed through the glass panel in the top of the music box, for when the theatre curtain is down. The case is walnut and is in original condition, with some blemishes but all in line with its age. 

What really marks this music box out, though, is its small and compact size, and the original curtain mechanism and dancing dolls, all of which is extremely hard to find and make the box both very entertaining and highly desirable. 

Width: 22” / 56cm
Height: 18” / 46cm
Depth: 14” / 35cm
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