1251 : Ami Rivenc, c. 1890

Antique Dancing Doll Music Box by Ami Rivenc, c. 1890


A scarce and excellent quality antique music box made by Ami Rivenc of Geneva, Switzerland in c. 1890.

The movement features two original dancing dolls that move in accompaniment to the music, as well as 5 bells surmounted by decorative finials and struck by swallow strikers which can be engaged and disengaged at will.

The music box plays a great selection of 8 popular tunes including ‘The Mikado’, ‘Estudiantina’ and ‘Faust’ as detailed on the original tunesheet. The sound is excellent.

The case has a rosewood-veneered lid with a beautiful inlay and tulipwood stringing. The sides are grained to match the lid.

This is an excellent quality dancing doll music box and is very desirable.

Width: 22” / 56cm
Height: 10” / 25 cm
Depth: 13 ½” / 34 cm
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